Breathing of Art, Hejian Chapter:

Like = familiar + unexpected.

Walking around the streets of Toyooka City in a foreign country, you can also experience the wonderful magic of aesthetics.

At Nagomi Art,
We present to you,
Integrating Japanese "NAGOMI culture",
A creative style that lives in harmony with nature.

About a harmonious, calm and warm lifestyle.

The interaction and symbiosis between humans and the natural environment,
Harmony in interpersonal relationships,
Pursue a state of inner peace.

Toyooka no Streetを歩いていると,

handWork as a shop and send a message.

これらの鞄, 伝同之体をstayし, ひとつひとつ,


The spirit of the "Japanese culture" is reflected in the work done by his hands.

The relationship between people and things, the relationship between time and words, and the feeling of each other.

The song of Toyooka's small road,
With the melody of Minara and Tokoru.

Explore the industry and tourism features of Toyooka, Japan

In this peaceful land, the breath of art blooms between food, clothing, housing and transportation.

In the Toyooka pancake making process in the Toyooka region of Japan,
We see the connection between past and present,
I feel people's humility and love for traditional crafts.

breath of art

Bringing together creativity and craftsmanship to present you with unique and exquisite works, displaying the rich and diverse Nagomi Art aesthetics, and providing designs that perfectly integrate with your lifestyle.

Kazumi's lifestyle

NAGOMI tries to be inclusive of everything. It is the lifestyle we yearn for. The craftsmanship is inherited for a long time and the design language coexists with nature. It can be seen everywhere in Nagomi Art.

destination guide

One-stop journey planning allows you to embark on a journey of aesthetic experience without any burden. Explore the world of Nagomi Art with us and let your creativity flow freely.

Experience and see culture

This is a unique self-exploration . It is not just about learning a new way of life, but also about re-understanding yourself and discovering the emotions and thoughts that are ignored in daily life in every current experience.

immersive tourism

Art, design and craftsmanship intertwine to create an engaging and comfortable journey. Beauty, food and views blend seamlessly to leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

local industry

Nagomi Art invites you to deeply experience the timeless local industry. Craftsmanship, food, art, this aesthetic exploration is closely connected with the craftsman’s humanistic atmosphere in Fenggan land.

Get Better journey With
Nagomi Art.

Nagomi Art is dedicated to studying the lifestyle and beliefs of Japanese NAGOMI culture.

Provide domestic and foreign travelers, culture enthusiasts and life pursuers who are interested in Japanese culture to explore Toyooka area cultural tourism information.

We take you deep into the local cuisine, natural scenery and arts and crafts activities, and experience the balance and tranquility brought by the Hejian philosophy.


Journey Planning Consultant

Craftsman's passion and passion are secret.

Wami x Craftsmanship

Thousands of years of craftsmanship:


Time condenses into the aroma of leather,
Every piece of art produced carries the hard work and persistence of the craftsman.

Shiono Yonesomatsu-"Keeping the Craftsmanship"

Progressive people always live in disappointment with themselves.

As a motivated person, although my heart is far away, I understand that life is concrete. The further the dream, the more important it is to take care of each other in the small steps of daily life, according to the rhythm, fast or slow. To live a good life, to be higher than life, in a distant place,...

The time machine parked next to the work desk – Toyooka Toyo

The sun slowly climbed onto my work table, and Feng Gangxiao leaned aside quietly.
The support, warmth and cohesion of home are always there in a visible form.

Walking around the streets of the exotic city of Toyooka

In Toyooka, I found a way to live in harmony with myself, I discovered the simplicity and beauty in life, and I experienced the spirit of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Walking around the streets of the exotic city of Toyooka

The way to immerse yourself is in the present moment,
Every experience becomes a self.

The path of balance lasts for thousands of years,
Every piece has a story.

Hemi x natural

Thousand-Year-Old Soup:

Kinosaki Onsen

Immersed in the ancient streets of Toyooka, time flows gently around you.

Travel through the exotic streets of Kinosaki Onsen. At this moment, the aesthetic chemical reaction condenses over time, bit by bit, gently and quietly.

Like = familiar + unexpected.

Toyooka's ancient street is full of charm, and the time of the day is beautiful.

Exotic Kinosaki Onsen's entrance.このmoment, beautiful しさのchemical がtime とともにcondensation し, ひとつひとつ, quiet かに.

好き= accustomed to れ + expected to be surprised.

Wami x Food Art

NAGOMI Culinary

In Wami culture, food is linked to rice and sake, and meets the delicacies of this land.

Restaurants such as Kaizhongen, Gubigabu, and Kinosaki Gelato Café Chaya here are not only places to enjoy delicious food, but also representatives of Japanese culture.

In the touch of each bite of taste buds, we can taste life, and the various flavors accumulated for thousands of years dance on the fingertips and the tip of the tongue.


Private Dining

Local Cuisine

Special Cuisine

Unmatched Hospitality

Jinju Mountain Crab

This kind of crab meat is tender and full of meat. Whenever winter comes, it becomes the most popular local seafood.

With its golden-red color after being cooked and its unique sweet taste, don’t miss this winter-only delicacy in the Kinosaki Onsen area!

Deshiba soba noodles

Izushiba soba is famous for its unique flavor and meticulous production process.

This kind of buckwheat noodles has a delicate texture and elegant taste. When paired with refreshing cold soup or rich hot soup, the noodles are chewy and the soup is fragrant. This is a delicacy that combines local tradition and originality.




Tajima cow

Tajima-gyu is the leader among Wagyu beef.

Known for its excellent marbling and fat distribution, it has a fine texture and great taste.

Not only that, its breeding process is also very strict to ensure that each cow reaches the highest quality.

Hot spring coffee milk

Kinosaki Onsen Coffee Milk combines mellow milk and rich coffee with the unique mineral flavor of hot springs.

Gentle and gentle tasting, with a hint of warmth and story, allows people to feel the sweet taste condensed in time and space in the soothing nourishment of the spring.

Stop and taste "NAGOMI",
Fast and slow, new and old, combined but different.

A popular version of an old song is playing in a corner of the city. In the familiar main melody, surprises and turns are expected. The notes travel through time, connecting the past and the present.

This is the concept embodied by Nagomi Artisan Studio, which is to find the power in stillness, maintain traditional feelings but advance with the times, continue to explore and resonate with the outside world.

In Japanese culture, this is called the spirit of "NAGOMI".

Travel, crafts, food art, each of our works is the echo of "NAGOMI" in modern times: fast and slow, old and new, combined but different.

I hope that everyone who comes here can find the "NAGOMI" of this moment here and feel the harmonious beauty of tradition and modernity, familiarity and surprise.

Explore Japan with us

Mahayana Temple

Near Japan's JR Line Gosuke Station, a place you absolutely cannot miss is the Mahajoji Temple. This temple has a rich history and peaceful atmosphere, and it has an excellent location in the center of natural beauty. Coming here, you will be able to appreciate the exquisite architecture and traditional Buddhist culture. At Mahayana Temple, you can visit the interior of the temple and explore its mysterious corridors and detailed painted murals. Furthermore, there is a beautiful garden where you can stroll in peaceful surroundings. Whether you're looking for inspiration or want to relax and unwind, Mahayana Temple is an excellent choice. Come and experience the charm of Japanese culture!

Changle Temple

We sincerely invite you to explore the beauty of Japan. This temple is located in the beautiful mountains of Kami-cho, in a beautiful environment and picturesque scenery in all seasons.

Choraji Temple was built in the Heian period and is a cultural heritage with a long history. The temple houses many precious Buddhist artworks and artifacts, including stunning murals and sculptures. Here you can feel the rich history and peaceful atmosphere, while admiring the exquisite art and architecture. Whether you are a tourist interested in Japanese culture or someone seeking peace of mind, Chuanhui Mountain Changle Temple is a place not to be missed. Come and experience this unique and charming place!

Takeno Beach

Near Takeno Station, there is a beautiful bathing beach waiting for you to explore. Takeno Beach is located near Takeno Station on Japan's JR Line and is an excellent resort. There are golden beaches, clear waters and charming sea views here, allowing you to enjoy the sun and waves. Whether it's beach volleyball, swimming, sunbathing, or enjoying the beautiful sunset, Takeno Beach can meet your needs for beach leisure activities. Bring your partner, family or friends to this peaceful and beautiful beach for an unforgettable Japanese vacation experience.

Izushi Shrine

Deseki Shrine and Deseki Miracle: Echoes of History

Japan is a place where history and faith intersect. There are several specific historical events that make this sacred land even more legendary.

Rain praying ceremony during the Heian period: During the Heian period, famine caused by long-term drought made local residents miserable. The priests of Izushi Shrine held a grand rain praying ceremony. Miraculously, shortly after the ceremony, heavy rains came and saved the local people. This event strengthened the people's faith in Izushi Shrine.

As time went by, the importance of Deseki Shrine and the Deseki Miracle continued to grow. Whether it is a religious ceremony or a historical event, this place has become an important chapter in Japanese culture and history. We sincerely invite you to come and experience the fantasy and mystery of this land with us.

Hinuma Mana Shrine

Hinuma Mana Shrine:The arrival of the gods from the Nara period:

Hidden deep in the mountains and forests of Japan, Hinuma Mana Shrine is a sacred place rich in history and mythology. It has witnessed countless historical events from ancient times to the present, and the awe-inspiring sacred atmosphere will take you back to the distant past.

According to ancient records, during the Nara period, local residents witnessed a strange beam of light near Hinuma Mana Shrine, which they believed was a symbol of the arrival of the gods. Since then, the shrine's prestige has grown day by day, attracting a large number of believers to visit.